The Wolter Group inc.


Mike Gordon

I cannot be enthusiastic enough about the extraordinary caliber of the Wolter Group's work, the exceptional level of accuracy of the financials, and the fantastic service. I've built four other homes and yours was the best firm I've worked with.

Mike Szymanzyk

It's tough navigating the building process on Sanibel. Wolter Group made it easy even though we were living in Virginia while the construction took place. They have the necessary insight from years of experience to build a really high quality home on the island. Ours is wonderful and they're always just a phone call away if we need them.

Best Regards,

Jim and Deb Porter

Working with the Wolter Group in designing and building our home in Ft. Myers proved to be a great experience for us. Like most things, the experience you have building a home depends a great deal on the people you work with, and ALL of the people at the Wolter Group made our experience special. From the early design phase, through building and follow-up, they are professional, experienced and committed to putting the customer first.

Like many in south Florida, we also have a northern home and were a bit nervous about building as an "absentee" client. Dennis Wolter, who headed our project, quickly put our minds at ease with his communications, professional expertise and willingness to go overboard to make sure we were satisfied. During the entire process, the entire Wolter staff, including Dennis, both Todds, Scott and Betty were always available to answer our questions and solve any problems we might encounter. Not only did we end up with exactly what we had envisioned, we had a great experience along the way.

One additional element of the Wolter Group which sets them apart from others we have worked with in the past is their follow-up after closing. This kind of customer service is rare in the home building industry.

Neil and Jamie Smith

What do you want from a custom home building experience? Like us, you probably want:

  • A sturdy, functional, gorgeous home in keeping with your tastes
  • Fair price disclosed and explained in advance, and
  • Ease of mind during the construction process, and afterwards (rare in the sphere of contracting)

So, then, what do you look for in a contractor?

  • Thorough planning
  • Complete disclosure of construction details
  • Clear, upfront communication on pricing options
  • Timely performance, and
  • Knowledgeable, skilled workmanship

That's what the Wolter Group provided, and Todd Wolter in particular, added a touch of genius to the project when they built our Sanibel home.

We are thorough people and did our homework in advance: I spent 5 years checking the reputations of custom homebuilders in the area and eyeballing the houses they built before we signed a contract with Wolter. Everyone, from our realtor who helped us procure our lot to the saleswoman at the bookstore, recommended the Wolter Group... and rightly so. The staff and subcontractors were excellent, and the amount of information the Wolter people worked with and synthesized into our finished home is truly awesome.

Oh, and they’re even respectful, and remember that the home they are building is yours, not theirs. I'd trust them with everything from a cottage by the shore to a castle on the sand... or, as in our case, an Old Florida style home adapted to be environmentally sensitive inside and out. We’ve contracted out residential construction in other places, and these guys are the best.

Les Pendleton and Susan Ayres

My wife and I had our house built by the Wolter Group 8 years ago. We lived in Boston while the house was being built and encountered no problems. We received periodic updates from the Wolter Group and any issues that came up were resolved quickly and professionally. Once our house was completed, we moved down to Sanibel and now live here year-round.

We consider the house our "dream house". The Wolter Group built the house to our specifications, and they often suggested ideas that improved the home. We are always proud to say we live in a Wolter-built house.

Linda and Garland Yarborough

Good Morning Todd,

As you know, we bought our Captiva lot many years ago with the hope of building our dream beach home. You met with us many times talking about building and never made us feel pressured. Finally the time came when we thought we were ready for this undertaking. We chose the Wolter Group because we had seen other homes built by them and the workmanship was incredible, We could readily see the attention to detail and the pride taken in their finished product. We knew they had a great deal of experience with waterfront homes and we felt utmost trust in the decisions made by them. Living in Wisconsin, we had no idea how this would unfold. However, it was a breeze! Any question or concern we ever had was addressed quickly and professionally -either by email or phone- by the Wolter Group. - good communication was always the norm. We felt that we knew what was happening in the building process. The Wolter Group made us a part of their team

Our home is amazing and we love everything about it! The workmanship and detail is all there and it is much more than we had imagined! Any tweaking after the home was complete,was done efficiently and quickly. We know that The Wolter Group stands behind their work and takes much pride in their accomplishments.

Thanks to all of you in the Wolter Group for making this building process easy and thank-you so much for a job very well done!


Linda and Gerry Cavalier

"What a relief! We thought building a custom home was going to be painful but actually it was a lot of fun. We must compliment The Wolter Group on the spectacular job they did for us. Their sub-contractors were very professional and committed to excellence. The Wolter Group gives the term customer service new meaning. Your group is worth their weight in gold."

Ray and Fran Gaddis

"The Wolter Group quoted a price and completion date and met both with quality, honesty and attention to detail."

Lois and Ley Smith

The Wolter Group, Inc. is a 'top notch' company from management to 'on-site' performance. They gave us the home we wanted. The Wolter Group consists of quality people who work together and with their clients to build a quality home.

Jo Fernandez

"The Wolter Group’s aftermarket service and support was so good with our first home that we naturally worked with them on our second as well. The level of care and attention to detail made the project proceed in a timely and satisfying fashion. We enjoyed working with this intelligent group of professionals."

Dr. Peter H. Markusch

"Todd Wolter did an outstanding job. He informed us of all options, designed the house according to our needs, handled all permitting and was meticulous in advising us regarding costs for changes orders and giving us rebates on allowances not used to the full extent of the contract. Todd Zamniak managed and finished the job ahead of schedule, allowing us to move in early. The Wolter Group team seek the utmost satisfaction of their clients and will do everything possible to achieve this goal."

Marie Damiano

"I was in New York during the construction on the Florida home. Although I was only able to spend minimum time at the 'site', it was a pleasure working with The Wolter Group. In my absence, they maintained a professional manner, conscientiously following up on all details. I am very happy we chose The Wolter Group."

Chip Roach

Dear Todd,

Your company has helped us to realize our dream for a wonderful Florida residence. From the first meeting with you and the architect, you communicated clearly, advised professionally and operated on budget and on time for us. The experience was accomplished at a "post-hurricane Charley" time on the island of Sanibel which was fraught with stress and competition, yet we are thrilled with the results produced by your company’s people and by their performance.


Chip Roach

Maureen and Dick Wright

Dear Todd,

Maureen and I walked into The Wolter Group offices ten years ago. From that moment on we have been extremely impressed with your customer relations and the quality of your work. We just want to thank you.

We have told hundreds of people, even from the stage at BIG ARTS to an audience of 420, that "the best working experience we ever had was working with The Wolter Group." You, Todd Z. and Scott continue to exceed our expectations even ten years later.

Now we have "survivor’s guilt" because our house, our Wolter Group house, was so well built that Hurricane Charley did no damage what-so-ever to it. All our neighbors, whose homes were not built by The Wolter Group, including those on both sides of our house, had extensive damage.

Thank you for your attention to us, to details, to follow up, to flexibility and to ensuring that our home was built so well!


Maureen and Dick Wright

Reg and Lucy Bowden

Dear Todd,

Lucy and I are going to enjoy our first Thanksgiving at 4440 Waters Edge Lane thanks to the excellent work of Todd Z. and Dennis to bring our project almost to conclusion. I believe Dennis must be one of the very best on site managers in the country.

We were 1500 miles away as the house took shape, but the communication process Dennis established eased our minds as issues and problems developed. Dennis was prompt, responsive and always positive with solutions.

Much to our delight Dennis put a considerable amount of personal creativity into the finishing of both internal and external elements.

There are small matters to be dealt with but Dennis has called and is ready to come out and make things as they should be.

We certainly appreciated the relationships established with Todd and Dennis and now look forward to settling into the home they have built for us. Many thanks.


Reg and Lucy Bowden